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Welcome to my website which is supposed to give you an overview over my photographic endeavours and learnings. My name is Florian – I started photography in 2011 as I found out that it corresponds nicely to my other activities. Growing up in Utting am Ammersee I always enjoyed being out in the nature. Consequently I developed a passion for sailing, mountaineering and board sports – in particular long, surf, kite and snowboarding. It is probably not surprising to you that I find most of my motives in the great outdoors. As a matter of fact my fascination for nature made me study Neuro-Cognitive Psychology and Digital Technology and Management as I wanted to understand more of the things going on around me. This brought me back to my birthplace Munich where I live nowadays. My main research interests are vision, object recognition and brain stimulation – for instance in my master thesis I work on pilot’s eye movements during landing.

If you scroll down you can  drop me a message in German or English if you like. Thank you for visiting my website!

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